What is actually exclusive to the Marvel United Kickstarters?

As a tool to the community, we’ll be showcasing all of the current exclusive content in a very easy to read format

Season 1

Here is all of the Season 1 box content released:

  • Marvel United core box (also at retail)
  • The Infinity Gauntlet expansion
  • Return of the Sinister Six expansion
  • Rise of the Black Panther expansion (also at retail)
  • Tales of Asgard expansion (also at retail)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Remix expansion (also at retail)
  • Enter the Spider-Verse expansion (also at retail)

And here are all of the Season 1 exclusives:

  • Beta Ray Bill Hero (Asgard)
  • Gamora Hero (Guardians)
  • Spider-Ham Hero (Spider-Verse)
  • Nick Fury Hero (Promo box)
  • Hawkeye Hero (Promo box)
  • Corvus Glaive Villain (Promo box)
  • Yondu Hero (Separate, fits in promo box)
  • Adam Warlock Hero (Separate, fits in promo box)
  • All Applicable Stretch Goals (33 Heroes and 11 villains)

Yondu – Infinity Tier (Update)

Adam Warlock – Ultimate Tier (Update)

And here are all of the Season 1 optional extras:

  • Season 1 Playmat
  • Season 1 Cardboard Locations

Original playmat (S1 Update | Update 2 | Update 3)

Season 1 Cardboard Locations (Update | Update 2)

Season 2

Here is all of the Season 2 box content released:

  • X-Men core box ($65 or $100 or $295 pledge level – also at retail)
  • The Horsemen of Apocalypse expansion ($100 or $295 pledge level)
  • First Class expansion ($30)
  • X-Force expansion (Stretch Goal) (Blue and Gold also at retail)
  • Phoenix Five expansion ($30)
  • Deadpool expansion ($30) (also at retail)
  • Days of Future Past expansion ($45)
  • Fantastic Four expansion ($35)

And here are all of the Season 2 exclusives:

  • Pyro, Blob, Toad Villain Set
  • Banshee Hero (Blue Team)
  • Forge Hero (Gold Team)
  • Lady Deadpool Hero (Deadpool)
  • Mohawk Storm Hero (Apocalypse Tier)
  • Old Man Logan Hero (Uncanny Tier)
  • All Applicable Stretch Goals

Storm (Mohawk) – Apocalypse Tier (Update)

Old Man Logan – Uncanny All-in Tier (Update)

And here are all of the Season 2 optional extras:

  • X-Men Playmat ($35)
  • X-Men Cardboard Locations ($20)
  • Cardboard Villain Dashboards (S1) ($20)
  • Cardboard Villain Dashboards (S2) ($25)
  • Plastic Tokens (S1+S2) ($40)

S1 and S2 retail roundup

Season 3 (Full breakdown of S3 exclusives)

Wrecking Crew Villain Team (S3)

Wrecker (Kickstarter exclusive)

Thunderball (Kickstarter exclusive)

Piledriver (Kickstarter exclusive)

Bulldozer (Kickstarter exclusive)

Multiverse playmat (S3)

Plastic Tokens (S3)

Promo Team Decks (S3)

Campaign Decks (S3)

Multiverse Cardboard Villain Dashboards (S3)

Multiverse Cardboard Locations (S3)

Pet Companions (S3)

Fin Fang Foom – Omniverse All-in Tier (S3)

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