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Shield Mode Questions

Core Set and Basic Questions

While playing solo, how do Wasp’s and Ant-man’s cards that make them temporarily immune to damage work?

They take the Invulnerable token as a reminder that until their next turn they ignore any damage (they won’t force you to discard a card if that specific character is supposed to take damage) until the next time they are activated (in other words, until you play another card that activates that character).

-Andrea Chiarvesio

Another question, and more just for peace of mind, as cards and actions can be played in any order, I assume that if you place the last star icon down on one of the location mission cards (say each thug requires 2 attack), you then remove that card, thus allowing you to hit a thug with your remaining 1x attack, correct?

Yes indeed!

After a villain’s Master Plan card, can the hero card played be from a hero that was played before the Master Plan card ? Example: Iron Man – Red Skull – Iron Man. The rules did not explicitly mentioned this is disallowed although thematically it makes more sense for the heroes to support each other.

In multiplayer, player order is fixed. So, if the first hero to play was Iron Man, the second was Wasp and the third was Captain America, heroes must respect this order for the rest of the game. S.H.I.E.L.D. (Solo) mode works differently, so yes that would be allowed, but only when playing solo.

Hulk Smash! card says deal 1 damage to everything else. This includes other heroes at the location as well?


If you use a special effect that gives tokens to another hero, this tokens/actions must be used on the next turn or can be saved for use it/them later?

You can save tokens and spend them later, absolutely!

Is there a functional difference between being KO’d and playing your last card? I know the rulebook says that if a hero plays their last card they take their full turn before being KO’d, but does that trigger the BAM! effect for the villain?

Yes it will. The difference is that playing your last card still lets you playing your turn (and sometimes it can be all the difference between winning or losing, since that will usually happen only during a hero’s last turn).

If you play Antman’s Quantum Leap card in your storyline, and you switch with his Grow card, can you do the special move at the top of the card?

Yes, you can!

So if there is no civilians on the location of a hero then they do not take a damage? From my understanding and a lot of videos I have watched it feels like no matter what they take the damage even if there is no civilians.

Please let me detail how exactly the Master Plan card “Hail Hydra!” works.

When solving Hail Hydra effect, all locations are checked (if the order is relevant – and sometimes it might be -, start with current Red Skull location and proceed clockwise):

a) there is no Hero in that location: nothing happens

b) there is one or more Heroes in a location, but there are no civilians: nothing happens

c) there are one or more Heroes in a location and one or more civlians: all heroes in that location take 1 damage each. Then all civilians are discarded from that location. Then advance the Fear track by the number of Civilians tokens discarded.

Please note that the card is solved exactly the same way in multilplayer or in Shield mode.

Hopefully this clears all doubts!

Quick question. Special abilities can be played in any order like the symbols? Example: I play hulk’s smash with Iron man’s 2 heroic symbols. Can I use the hulk smash in hulk’s location and then move to iron man’s location to finish off a threat card?

Sure, of course you can!

I may have misunderstood something. If there are no empty spaces at a location where you are supposed to add either villain or civilian, does that villain or civilian then move to the next available location?

No they don’t (that only happens with Ultron, and maybe other villains you haven’t seen so far). The thug or civilian is not placed and the Overflow effect is applied (Overflow effects are different for each villain, even if some villains might have similar overflow effects).

One other quick question. Do you have to use all available symbols or can you choose to ignore some? For example if I have one move and a punch from the previous player and 2 punches of my own, could I use the 3 punches and not move or must I move? It seems like it’s saying I must but wanted to check.

100% correct! You can even do not use your special power text (unless it specifies “you must [effect]”, but you haven’t seen heroes with mandatory powers yet ‘giggles for the little spoiler’).

To use an action token do I have to play a card?

You can spend action tokens only during the Resolve Actions step of your Hero, so yes, you must play a card in step 2. Play a card in order to be able to use action tokens during your step 3. Resolve Actions.

Does that mean every civilian and henchmen token gets removed from the location or just one of each?

Every civilian and thug (henchmen get one damage, if present – henchmen are a special subtype of Threat cards).

Captain Marvel has 2 copies of the basic card with a single wild icon (and no other abilities) in her deck, when other heroes only have 1 copy. When playing with the Moderate Challenge (Each player removes the Wild card from their Hero deck.), do you remove both, giving her a smaller deck than other heroes, or just one copy? What about the Heroic Challenge? (Each player removes the Wild and Double Wild cards from their Hero deck.)

You only remove one copy in Moderate, in Heroic you remove one copy with the Wild and the copy with Double Wild.

The rulebook says you can’t attack the villain unless 2 missions are complete; it doesn’t say they can’t take damage. “Hulk Smash” says it does damage.

Villains con’t take damage unless 2 missions are complete (unless there is some special rule in the villain ID that changes that, but you haven’t seen anything of the sort so far. So, no, Hulk Smash doesn’t damage the villain unless 2 missions have been completed.

If a Hero is KO’d, Wasp can use the “Wings” card to move him/her to another Location? I don’t think so, she can’t. But to be sure…

No, because KO’d heroes are ignored by all effects, positive and Negative. Exactly. Just treat KO’d heroes as their miniature is not in play until the start of their next turn (they can’t take damage, crisis tokens, other tokens, they can’t be given action token, their player can’t draw or discard cards, etc…).

For Venom’s tracking card, is the attack meant as use the attack action at the current location for one attack action and the special ability sends him to another location to do another attack at that location? And also if he were to use the special ability first there’s a chance, could he do two attacks at that location?

You (the player controlling the Hero) decide the order of Action resolution, including special actions like Tracking. This means that you can either: use the attack action (and any other action given to you by the previous card in the storyline) then move to another location and do one attack there, or move to another location and spend all your actions there or any mix (making 1 or two actions in your actual location, then activate Tracking, move to another location and perform one attack there plus any remaining actions you have).

Hey. What happen if an effect KOd more than 1 hero? Let’s say that the effect KOd 2 Heroes (on a 4 players party), should we trigger the Vilans BAM effect twice? In wich order should we trigger the Bam effect on the heroes? And in witch order should we trigger the Bam effect from the henchmen ?!?

1) yes, twice (regardless of party size: if multiple Heroes are KOd by an effect, you trigger the Villain BAM effect again once for each Hero that went KO… of course there might exist Villain whose villanious plot is to KO all heroes at the same time, in that case party size is relevant because if all Heroes are KOd during a Villain turn the game might be lost because of a special villanious plot… [casually whistles away] ). 2) Always solve the BAM! effect of the villain first, then the Henchmen ones (if order is relevant, proceed clockwise starting with current Villain location

Just some clarification please…When a hero is KO’d the Villain resolves his BAM! effect on the villain dashboard – do any henchmen also resolve their BAM! effect as a result of a hero being KO’d. The rulebook on page 10 and the rules summary do not state that you do resolve henchmen BAM!s.

You don’t resolve henchmen BAM!s when a hero goes KO, only the one on the villain dashboard. To summarize: – Master Plan cards activate all BAM!s (VIllain’s and Henchmen’s) – Heroes being KO’d acrivate the Villain’s BAM!

1) S.H.I.E.L.D Headquarters allow to remove 1 crisis token from anywhere. Can I remove crisis token also from heroes? Or only from locations?
2) After playing Shrink and becoming Invulnerable can I still choose to take 1 dmg to prevent Ultron Clone from adding Thug to my location?

1) also from heroes, yes. Anywhere really means that.
2) yes you can (you’re dealt the damage, which is avoided by you being Invulnerable). This will be clarified better in an upcoming FAQ.

1.) Threat cards like thugs have 2 hit points, are they active all the time or only the turn that there’s a bam or bulleyes?

2.) On the location end of turn effect, can you only use it on a bam? Or every end of turn and immediately on a bam?

1) threat cards like “Thugs here require 2 damages to be defeated” are always active. Other threat cards, the ones with the (!) icon, become active only if the Villain ends their movement on the location with the Threat.

2) End of Turn effect from location (once the Threat covering the effect is solved) can be used by any Hero at the end of their Hero turn if they end their turn in that location. Please note that a Hero can’t “chain” two End of Turn effects (for instance, activating an End of Turn effect that says “move to any other location” and moving to another location that has an available End of Turn effect doesn’t allow the Hero to activate the effect of the Location they just moved into).

I have a question regarding the number of players:

In a 2 player game, we still need to control and play a third character, right?
How does this effect the number of health tokens of the villain?

Red Skulls dashboard shows the needed health tokens for two, three and four players. But if two players control three characters, how many health tokens does he get?

We played with the number showed for 3 players but I don’t get why they differ at all for 2 or 3 players. I would assume that in a 3 player game it’s harder to get the best out of the played cards/icons (because three players, three opinions). So why should the villain then get more health than in a 2 player game with three played characters, where the two players perhaps can agree more easily about what to do next.

Both correct

Can Iron Man receive tokens from his ability card (and can he use them that turn if so)?

Yes he can. Tony can play with his own toys, after all

A quick question about damage vs attack. Does Hulk’s Smash which damages everything at the location take a health off the villain (located there) even if we haven’t finished 2 missions yet? The rules say we can’t “attack directly” but applying damage seems like different effect.

No, the general rule that you still have to solve 2 missions is not overruled by the Hulk (or Punisher)

In the Kickstarter comments, someone said they were playing Squirrel Girl’s Common Sense card such that it counted the special effect cards from all the heroes and not just her’s. Which is correct?

Just hers!

So I am interested in clarification on the Spiderman 2099 “Claws” effect. (Damage can’t be reduced) Does this effect bypass the damage protection of Taskmasters crisis tokens?

“Claws” only bypass damage reduction, not damage immunity (so, effects like Taskmasters crisis tokens or Fenris protecting Hela are not bypassed by Spiderman 2099 Claws).

Does the cards from Black Cat cat claws and cat luck have a misprint? Both cards have the same text but not the same symbol see picture

It’s intended, they’re different for the symbols but have a consistent effect.

Can Elektra turn up the Illusion threat cards in the adjacent zones with her special effect? So with this card she could turn up 3 threat cards

You must be in that location in order to turn the Threat, so, sorry but no.

I think I noticed the following difference:
– Some cards say: Add 1 [thug symbol]
– Some other cards say: Add [thug symbol]

Is there any difference, or are both cases intended to be read as ‘add one thug’?

No difference

Can Yondu turn civilians infected by Carnage into thugs? What happens to crisis tokens?

Yes. Tokens stay on thugs.

How do i play my card facedown?

Do i use my card actions before i lay it facedown, so the “only” disadvantage is that the next hero cant use my actions/team actions?


Do i just lay my card facedown without using any actions from this card?

Question comes from a game against rhino at the start he charged and all 3 heros were KOd and must play their cards facedown.

We played it with the 2nd answer and rhino carged again. So he played 2 cards faceup and we 6 cards facedown. See picture wirh double charge right at beginning

When you play facedown you don’t get to use the actions, so yes you played correctly (Rhino can be really harsh, indeed).

I have a question about Action Tokens.
When a hero in KOed do you keep or discard the Action Tokens he kept for futur use?
In the fight with Thanos, are the Action Token tied to the Player or to the Hero ? Are they discarded when the Hero is KOed and when we must change Hero ?

You keep Action Tokens when KO (also against Thanos), they’re linked to the Player, not to the Hero.

If a special ability gives your hero multiple action icons (like Black Panther, for example), do I have those icons to use freely in any order? Or do I have to use those icons as their own group when I activate the special ability? Example: The Panther Habit ability gives me a Heroic icon and an Attack icon. Can I use the Move icon at the bottom in between the two, or do I have to resolve the Panther Habit icons together without interruption?

Together without interruption, but you can choose their order (first the heroic to clear a threat then the attack, or the other way around – sometimes it’s very relevant)

When I’m told to lay a Master Plan card face down on the story track, I assume that’s to speed up the hero loss from running out of those cards? IE, the master plan card is not flipped up and played later?


We were playing as two player against the sinister six. One of us was Adam warlock and just stayed on the stark lab location each turn using avatar of life card to block the next master plan card then swap it for the two wild action token card with the starklab location effect. In this case the other player have always 2 wild token + his own card and the sinister 6 never were able to play. Is this intended ? Did we made any mistakes ?

Unfortunately it doesn’t work. Cards like Avatar of life have effect only if played during the hero turn, however swapping them out fizzles the effect.

In the Secret Identity Challenge, can one location hold more than one journalist token? I assume no, which means if I want to move a token, I must be able to move it to a journalist-token-free location.

Current situation is my location, as well as both adjacent locations, have a journalist token. I’m trying hard to avoid an exposure token so in order to avoid this I must play two heroic actions to move the journalist token from my adjacent location and then move the journalist token from my current location to the recently vacated adjacent location.

You can gather more than one journalist in the same location

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Red Skull

Madame Hydra and Crossbones cards say: “Any Hero can prevent this effect by tacking 1/2 Crisis token(s).” It means any Hero in ANY LOCATION can take Crisis token(s) to prevent BAM effect?

Indeed, yes.

Hydra Elite troops require 2 damage. Can you stack this over turns ? Or all must be done at once ?

Must be done on the same turn (they’re though!)

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I have a question about the Ultron Virus Threat card. It states “Heroes starting their turn in this Location must ignore 1 action symbol of their choice” Can I ignore a symbol that isn’t in play, for example, if the 2 cards I can use had Move, Attack, Attack can I choose to ignore Heroic to have no effect on me? If I was to choose Attack, does it cancel one or both of them?

You lose one of your Action Symbols. In the example above, you could either Move & Attack or Attack twice (you can’t choose to ignore a symbol you don’t have on that turn).

Playing Ultron for the first time yesterday my son and I were not sure about one detail on the locations. Our question is : when adding an extra thug or a civilian do we need to respect the set-up icon or can we just add either a thug on a civilian icon or a civilian on a thug icon ?

Setup icons are only used during setup, they don’t affect the game in any other way.

Hmm, I just looked at Ultron and now I am confused. The overflow effect says “If a (Civilian/Thug) can’t be added to a Location, add that token to the next Location clockwise instead.” I assumed if you cannot place 2 tokens, you add both to the next location, but it does not explicitly say “add each token”. So to summarize, if you need to add 2 tokens and cannot place both of them, Red skull: “… increase Fear track by 1 for each token” => increase by 2 Taskmaster: “add a Crisis token to that Location instead” => add only 1 Ultron: “add that token to the next Location clockwise instead” => ??? each token ???

Yes with Ultron all tokens that could not be placed are placed in the next clockwise location(s) with free spaces

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Does the Taskmaster’s crisis tokens stack? I mean, can we have two tokens at the same location; or is it limited one per location?

Yes, they stack (tricky Taskmaster)!

For Taskmaster where you have to count up icons from previous Heroes cards, do you count appropriate icons from the “special action” or just the the ones from the bottom of the card?

Only the Fight icons on the bottom of both cards (to specify: wild icons don’t count, icons on special actions don’t count)

In relation to task master stacking crisis tokens, with his overflow rule, is it one added crisis token regardless of how many cannot be placed, or is it one crisis token for each one that cannot be placed? (Example: you need to put a civilian and a thug at Stark Labs but there is no more space. Do you put one crisis token because there is no more space, or do you put a crisis token for the civilian and another crisis token for the thug, equaling two crisis tokens for overflow?)

You only add one. However, some Overflow effects (like Ultron and Red Skull) specify a consequence for each token that you can’t add to the Location (edited for better clarity).

I’ve just played against Taskmaster and we have a question about the crisis token and how to remove it : 1. When on a location there is NO civilian but at least 1 thug, can I use an heroic action to remove 1 crisis token on this location ? 2. When on a location there is NO thug but at least 1 civilian, can I use an attack action to remove 1 crisis token on this location ? OR, in both case the location must but empty (NO civilian AND NO thug) to remove 1 crisis token from this location with à heroic Attack action or attack action » ?

With Taskmaster, locations must be with NO civilians AND NO thugs in order to be able to remove the crisis token

1) Can Captain Marvel remove Taskmaster’s Crisis Token from adjacent Location with her special action Photon Blast? 2) Is Ant-man allowed to leave Taskmaster’s Entangling Trap Threat using only his special action Grow?

1) yes.
2) yes.

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Tales of Asgard

How exactly does Loki’s special rule work? Is the extra Master Plan card only add to the storyline when a Hero is KO’d by Loki’s BAM effect? Or is it added when a hero just goes KO regardless what the reason is? I saw this video where Loki’s special rule was only used when a hero is KO’d by his BAM effect and now I’m unsure how to play it correctly.

Regardless of the reason.

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Return of the Sinister Six

The Sinister 6 Mode uses the Crisis tokens in 2 ways – Mysterio gives them to heroes and they must play their next card randomly. Dr Octopus places them on locations and the deals 1 damage to all heroes at locations with Crisis tokens. Does a hero with a crisis token from Mysterio count for the purposes of Doc’s BAM! Effect or does it only check for crisis tokens on the actual location itself (I.e. placed by Doc himself).

They are counted independently, so Doc Ock only checks tokens on Locations.

This concerns the several cards that some characters have, stating that some effect is in play as long as the “card is face up on the storyline…” such as green goblin’s formula. That made me wonder if there are anyways to deal with those cards? If I understood correctly any cards are up on the storyline until the end of game. Haven’t checked all heroes yet so maybe there are special effects that remove cards or turn them face down, but did not see any in the spider verse box for example.

There are just a few, but more “could” be introduced in future expansions. Card wording is such also to leave room for designing effects in the future

Kraven’s threat ‘Traps’ says if there are no civilians or thugs in this location,… I’m unsure if that’s an inclusive or exclusive ‘or’ (English can be remarkably imprecise) Option A) none in total, so 0 thugs AND 0 Civilians for this to impact. Option B) None of at least one type, so for example 0 thugs and some civilians would trigger this.

It’s Option A.

playing against the Sinister Six as the Hulk… some of the weak spots require an attack icon. I assume that using Hulk Smash does not count, as dealing damage does not equate to using an attack action?


Two questions that I’d like confirmation on: When I’m told to lay a Master Plan card face down on the story track, I assume that’s to speed up the hero loss from running out of those cards? IE, the master plan card is not flipped up and played later? And playing against the Sinister Six as the Hulk… some of the weak spots require an attack icon. I assume that using Hulk Smash does not count, as dealing damage does not equate to using an attack action?

Yes to both questions

Is it allowed to remove crisis tokens (stolen spoils) from Vulture’s Dashboard using Location’s effect?

If a location lets you do it… yes

What happens when Mysterio’s “broken illusion” threat card is revealed:
Does simply revealing it place the associated threat token on the mission card?
Is the end of turn location effect available?
Is it possible to complete plan B’s 6 threats mission with Mysterio?

It’s revealed, not solved, so no, you don’t place the threat token on the mission.
Also, no the end of turn location effect is still unavailable
And… no, it’s not possible to complete plan B 6 threats mission against him (you can still complete the other 2 missions and punch him in the face… well, in the fishbow

Doc Ock: Tentacles Grasp
“Move all Heroes 1 Location closer to Doctor Octopus. Then BAM!”

My example is that I have 3 heroes. 1 on a location nearest Doc Ock. The other 2 share a location on opposite side, now 3 locations away (all 6 locations still present.)
– Can the player(s) choose to move in either direction closer to Doc Ock? Or do both heroes have to move left, making them ‘closer’ to Doc Ock since villain movement is usually clockwise?
– If yes to moving any direction closer, can they split the movement if more than one hero share the location; ex. one hero left, one hero right?

They can choose and they can split

I have a question regarding the overflow effect for the Sinister Six. For context for those reading, the Sinister Six overflow rule is “If 1 or more Civilian/Thug tokens can’t be added to a location, draw another Master Plan card and add it facedown to the storyline”. My question concerns how many times this can be triggered during one master plan card.

1: [Worst case for heroes] Each overflow is handled one at a time as they occur. In this case three face down master plan cards are added to the storyline.
2: [Best case for heroes] The “If 1 or more Civilian/Thug tokens can’t be added to a location” applies over the entire playing of the master plan card. In this case just one face down master plan cards is added to the storyline.
3: [In between] The “If 1 or more Civilian/Thug tokens can’t be added to a location” applies separately per villain. In this case two face down master plan cards (one for Kraven’s overflows and one for Mysterios).

Yes, it’s actually the best case for heroes. Each Location can overflow only once during a single Villain turn

Vulture’s BAM moves all horeos to opposite Location. When exactly the move takes place?
1) When hero is moved FROM Location with Sandman/Kraven does he take dmg from Henchman’s BAM?
2) When hero is moved TO Location with Sandman/Kraven does he take dmg from Henchman’s BAM?
3) When hero is KO (dmg from Henchman), he doesn’t move?

The villain’s BAM is resolved first, then the Henchmen clockwise from Vulture’s location. So the heroes will be moved prior to the Henchmen BAMing so the new location is the important one.

-[Fan answer]

In addition to this [fan answer] (which is correct), KO heroes ignore effects so would not be moved.

-Andrea Chiarvesio

Doctor Octopus enters Location witch Sandman, Hero1 (1 cards), Hero2 (2 card) and 2 crisis token and makes BAM.
Hero1 is KO, Hero2 loose 1 card, Location is destroyed and Sandman is removed before he can deal dmg and gain hp. Octopus moves to the next clockwise Location, Hero1 and Hero2 can move to adjencent Location and then Octopus makes another BAM for Hero1 ‘s KO. Is it correct?

Also, when Hero is KO, does Villain makes another BAM before or after the BAM effect of his Henchmen?

All correct,

If a Hero goes KO during a BAM! resolution, first you finish resolving the BAM (so the Villain’s BAM and the Henchmen BAM effects), then you solve the extra Villain BAM! due to the Hero going KO.

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The Infinity Gauntlet

Can Infinity Stone cards be manipulated in any way by the Heroes?

During the Battle Against Thanos, Infinity Stone cards are treated just like any other Master Plan card. However, during the Infinity Battles that precede it, Infinity Stone cards are basically just progress markers, and as such cannot be revealed, removed, or rearranged by Heroes.

Just started a solo Infinity War campaign and got to the Thanos mission. I have a question about KO’s: the solo rules state that if the player is KO’d they instantly lose however the Infinity War rules say to swap them out if KO’d and Thanos is heavy on KOing heroes. How is this supposed to be played? is it basically impossible to play solo?

Indeed, during the final battle only, if you (the Solo player) are KO’d, you lose the game (and the campaign). Optionally, if you want to make the Infinity Gauntlet campaign less unforgiving for the player, you may decide before starting the number of KO required to make the Solo player lose. When going KO you lay down all your Hero game pieces. At the start of your next turn all Hero pieces are placed back standing and, during the Draw Card step, you draw 6 cards from the deck.

Proxima Midnight Hunting Spear – ‘You may take 1 damage to prevent the effect’
Adam Warlock Immortality – ‘You’re not forced to discard your last card’ Some question not covered by FAQ popped up. Can you choose to ‘take damage’ to save civilians but not discard the last card. The wording on immortality use the word ‘forced’. So do you happen to :
– really take the damage (but you’re not forced to discard the last card due to damage) still preventing the effect. You can therefore proceed to block any number of civilians you wish without any issue.
– You choose to take the damage and you discard the card as a result (as it was a choice ‘you may take 1 damage’). You can then block 1 civilian, but you’re knocked out as a result of your choice.
– or you can’t take it at all as you won’t discard the last card, therefore not preventing proxima effect. You can therefore not save the civilian as you can’t “take the damage”.

It’s case B: – You choose to take the damage and you discard the card as a result (as it was a choice ‘you may take 1 damage’). You can then block 1 civilian, but you’re knocked out as a result of your choice.

My question is during the Infinity battles if you have to shuffle a card back into the master plan deck what do you do with the infinity stones since they can’t be moved just shuffle the master plan card back an remember where the infinity stones were an place an additional card on the bottom of the master plan deck I get the stones can’t be manipulated but not sure how this works.

Yes just shuffle the masterplan and put the stones back in the same position.

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Rise of the Black Panther

If you use a location effect like Helicarrier or Golden City which lets you move to any location and you use it to move to a location with one of his Assassination Attempt Threat cards (Take 1 damage at the end if your turn) do you still take this damage or have you already passed the ‘end of the turn’ when you used the free move?

No damage. Locations end of turn effect are the very last thing happening at the end of a turn (and they do not “chain”.).

Killmonger Questions

1) with his Overthrow special effect, the text says he moves to the closet location (rather than the next location) with the most civilians, but the arrow is clockwise like normal. If the location directly behind him (1 away) and the location 2 in front of him have the same number of civilians (and most on the board) should he move backwards to the ‘closest’ one or move forwards to the next one?

1) He moves to the closest location (so, backwards in this case). In case of a tie between ‘closest’, he chooses the one clockwise.
2) Yes, Locations like Odin’s Vault and the Milano are immune to Killmonger villanious plot.

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Enter the Spider-Verse

On Kraven’s Threat card (enter the Spiderverse box) his BAM action states he should move clockwise to the next location with Heroes and no threat (if possible). Then deal 1 damage to each hero in that location. Does this mean he only damages if he moves? Or, for 2 players, if you are both on his space, would he go round the whole board, back to you and deal damage then? Thanks

Kraven deals damage even if he doesn’t move. In the second case, he would indeed go round the whole board, back to you and deal damage. He is a very skilled hunter, after all

When playing Green Goblin and he BAMs would the threat card placed BAM too?

No. While BAM!s are resolved one by one, that Threat card wasn’t in play when the BAM! was triggered, so its BAM! is not resolved

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“Next clockwise location” – Does that start at/include the current location? Specifically with Rhino – His “Rhino Charge” (?) that says “move to the next clockwise location with a hero and BAM! there”, if the entire hero team is on his space, does he stay put and deal 0 damage? Or circle around the board back to the same spot and deal 6 damage?

Rhino moves to the next clockwise Location, and keeps moving over all 6 Locations, until finally charging at the Heroes in his initial Location, thus dealing 6 damage, yes (his charge is quite fierce…).

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When removing cards from Dormammu’s deck (during setup and top card after completing 2nd mission), players remove them faceup or facedown?


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Hope it’s ok to ask about Team Mode a bit:
When facing Bullseye, in team mode, do the heroes lose when they have KO tokens equal to:
•the total number of players or
•the number of players on a single team?

Some villains will get special instructions in order to be fully compatible with Team Mode or Super VIllain Mode, Bullseye is one of them

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Here’s the scenario: Banished is in play as the first villain card, Dr. Strange plays Book of Vishanti and shuffles Banished back into the master plan deck.

1) Can Banished be manipulated like this?
2) If Banished doesn’t come into play until towards the very end of the game, do the heroes just lose by decking out?

1) yes
2) No. Hela starts the game on her dashboard due to the Setup instructions on the back of her dashboard, not because of “Banished”. So, shuffling back Banished in the master plan deck has the only effect to add one card with no effect at all to the master plan deck (if needed, treat Banished movement as a “0” movement).

Doctor Strange used “Eye of Agamotto” special card and put Hela’s “Banished” card back into her deck (I think it is allowed?)
What happens when “Banished” card is revealed once again?

It’s a Villanious Turn where nothing really happens. The Villain is still considered to have a “0” movement, if that matters.

when new threat cards are placed due to her overflow, they’re added to locations that do not have a threat token. If you clear those threats, we have assumed that you do not advance the mission for clearing threats. Is this correct? Or when the threat is added does it also gain a new threat token?

Hela (from FAQ 2.0):

Q: If I clear a Threat with no Threat token next to it, do I not advance the Clear Threats Mission?
A: If a Threat card has no Threat token next to it (usually because it was brought back into play), when cleared, simply take any available Threat token to place on the Mission card. Also, if a Threat card is ever moved to a different Location, its Threat token should move with it.

Do we ignore all cards’s effects and spawns when Hela is banished ?
So if we draw 3 times “raise the dead” before any BAM card, nothing happens?

Yes, she’s banished for a long time, then.

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Venom Villain

Hi, sorry I’m not sure if this has been asked already but on Venom’s Villain Bam ability he deals a crisis token to each hero on his location after he has damaged them, does he still give the crisis tokens to the heroes if they are/were ko’d? Many thanks!

No, heroes KO are treated as if they’re out of play so can’t get crisis or action tokens, draw cards, etc…

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Can I check how “Then” sentences work. For Example Carnage’s BAM says “Deal 1 damage to each hero in Carnage’s Location. Then, place 1 Crisis token above each bystander there.” If the first sentence has no effect – because there are no heroes in Carnage’s Location – does the second half “Then,…” still happen. I assume it does but wanted to check! Similarly for the Threat card Carnage’s Offspring. There are 3 sentences: 1. Place 1 Crisis token above 1 bystander in this location (if present) 2. Add Bystander to this location. 3. Then deal 1 damage to each hero there. Do all 3 things happen even if there are no bystanders in the location (1) or there is no room for a bystander (2) (Location is full so overflow would trigger) Or does 3 only happen if (2) can be done or does it require 1 and 2 to do something?

The Crisis token is placed even if there are no Heroes in Carnage Location.

1. When Carnage sits in Location with most civilians and draw “Move clockwise to the next location with most civilians”, he move around and goes back to his present Location, right?
2. We have 1 Location with 4 uninfected civilians, the remaining Locations have infected civilians but 3 or less. If there is an overflow we need to remove all infected civilians from the Location with most civilians so nothing happens, right?

Yes to both

When the overflow effect for Carnage activates, which location do you start checking for “the most civilians”. Do you look at Carnage’s location first, then move clockwise, or do you check the next location clockwise from Carnage first?

The next location clockwise from Carnage first

If the location with the most civilian is Carnage’s location? Do we make a full turn to trigger in Carnage’s location or it can’t be his location?

It triggers in Carnage’s location

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Baron Zemo

Deal 1 damage to 1 hero in Baron Zemo’s Location and give 1 Crisis token to the Hero closest to it. Does “it” refer to the location (which always exists) or the hero that was damaged (which may not exist if there was no one in his location)? I’m guessing “it” is the location, but it’s worth checking.

The location.

When playing against Baron Zemo there will be cards in the time line which have action symbols covered up with crisis tokens. If a hero has the opportunity to swap a card in hand with a card of theirs in the timeline (say via end of turn effect for a location) are they allowed to swap with a card of theirs that has crisis tokens on it?

Follow up: if they can swap with a card of theirs with one or more crisis tokens, what happens to those tokens? Are they discarded, put on the replacement card, or given to the hero? In particular, what if there are more crisis tokens on the card then there are symbols on the card that is replacing it?

Yes, cards with crisis tokens on it can be swapped, removed from the storyline or turned face down. If any of these things happen, crisis tokens are simply discarded back to the pool. Please note that if the card is simply moved around the Storyline, crisis tokens stay on the card.

If I’m reading this right I think you’re making the same mistake I did my first time against Zemo. You only cover the symbol after you’ve used it yourself, so it doesn’t affect you, it affects the person after you who can no longer use your symbol on their turn.

Under Baron Zemo special rules it’s written that “A Hero with any Crisis tokens at the end of their turn must use these crisis tokens to cover 1 symbol on the bottom of the card they played this turn [etc…]”, so yes, you don’t lose the icons on the turn you play them, it’s the player that plays after you that doesn’t see these icons.

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When playing against MODOK, one of his threat cards requires heroes starting at that location to play their card face down. If the heroes start the game here, they can’t leave it and will auto lose. I’m going to fix this by basically adding the rule that MODOK must always start there (so the heroes can’t) or am I missing something about this interaction?

You’re correct, heroes can’t start from that location, we’ll clarify it on the next FAQ.

MODOK’s Conscience Transferal – the wording is a little confusing – does this effect all future BAM! Effects (while it’s face up) or just the next BAM! Effect? I assume all future ones or he’d struggle to catch up to the heroes?

All the future ones

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some heroes and a couple KSE villains and had a MODOK/M.O.D.O.K. (to make searching easier) question. He is constantly flipping hero cards in the Storyline face down. The Stark Labs location says, “You may swap 1 card from your hand with 1 of your cards in the Storyline.” When swapping cards: 1. Can you swap with a face-down card? 2. Would the newly-placed card be face up or face-down? My initial thought is to play “yes” and “face-down,” but I know people who will ask

You can’t swap face-down cards with Stark Labs (or other effects).

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Playing Kang right now and we have a Master Plan resolution question. According to the Rules, BAM!’s caused by Hero KO’s are applied immediately. Kang replaces BAM! with his own special rule (play another Master Plan card). Kang KO’d 2 heroes at the same time, which caused 2 more Master Plan cards to immediately be played. This interrupted the Thug/Civilian resolution of the first Master Plan card. Then the next Master Plan card caused 2 more KO’s, which interrupted the 2nd card resolution. (and so on, and so on)

How are multiple Master Plan cards supposed to be resolved when multiple KO’s happen and interrupt the process? Do we resolve the whole card before moving to the next? Or do we continue to interrupt, and then apply all of the Thug/Civilian placement at the end based on the Villains final location?

Solve the whole card, then move to the other card(s)

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is this Villain incompatible with “Plan B” due to the special “use cerebro” mission card? Or do you simply replace “use cerebro” with the plan B “rescue 12 civilians”? And would this be the case generally for future villains with special mission cards?

all Villains that don’t use the regular three missions are not compatible with Plan B Challenge

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Shield Mode Questions

Shield mode: Avenger’s mansion end of turn effect states: “You may draw cards until you have 3 in your hand.” Same with Iron man’s special effect card. Do we draw to the starting hand size or literally draw until having 3 cards? If so, then Red Skull is busted on shield mode because he has that card that discards civillians and deal damage to every hero. Meaning that I cannot have more than 3 cards until I complete that 3rd mission which is impossible if this card is drawn before mid game.

You draw cards until having 3, yes.

Shield mode. Is the villains heath set as though you are playing a three player game?

Three player, game, correct!

SHIELD mode questions/clarifications: If a villain or BAM effect deals 1 damage to heroes at a location, and all three of our heroes are at the same location (e.g. turn one), do we take three damage and discard three cards? If so, any plans to adjust SHIELD rules to make turn one villain actions less swingy?

Do we draw one or three cards if we clear all three objectives?

If you have three Heroes in a Location and an effect says every Hero there takes a damage, you take 3 damage.

You draw 3 cards after the third mission is solved.

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