Marvel United Community Resources


Marvel United Community Discord


Card count spreadsheet (Credit: Paul M.)

Spreadsheet of figure count and product location (Credit: TichShowers)

Marvel United information (Credit: Zanwot)

Marvel United Character Picker (Credit: Spiffworld)

Marvel United Play Logging [Results] (Credit: Max Maloney)

Character Biography Guide (Credit: AllMadHere)

Marvel United Compendium (Bios)

Marvel United fan-made stuff hub

Breakdown of United mini heights/sizes


Villain and Hero Randomizer (Credit: imaginair)

Random United Android Randomizer App

United Generator (Randomizer)


Marvel United Ultimate Campaign Map (Credit: Dom2d)

Marvel/X-Men crossover campaign Map (Credit: Dom2d)

Marvel United: Breakout Campaign (Credit: bryceandcallie)

New Player Guides:

What is exclusive to each Marvel United Kickstarter?

Official CMON How to Play video

Official CMON How to Play Infinity Gauntlet video

Dale the Casual Gamer Marvel United walkthrough

Crabbok Marvel United walkthrough

Rahdo runs through Marvel United

Marvel United setup by Rolling Solo

How to play Marvel United in Eight Minutes by Tim Chuon

Character biography guide

Villain Guides (Fear Lord):

Red Skull | Ultron | Taskmaster | Killmonger | Zemo | Loki

Custom Content:

Marvel United Ultimate Campaign map (Credit: Dom2D]

YouTube/Twitch creators:

CMON YouTube

Dice Tower Marvel United Rankings

Retail listings for Kickstarter items:

Games and Stuff

Zulu’s Board Game Cafe

Social Media Communities:

Marvel United Reddit Community

Marvel United Facebook Community

Marvel United Board Game Geek Community

Board Game Spotlight Facebook Community (general gaming but also talks United)

Official CMON Materials:

Marvel United Product Site

Original Kickstarter

X-Men Kickstarter

Tabletop Simulator mod

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