Marvel United Storage Solutions

Hall of United’s solution

Here for all card storage we are using the Artist’s Supply Box located here, with the Broken Token insert (make sure to check for horizontal or vertical alignment to your liking).

Dividers are from Tesseract Games, located here. As you can see, this box holds every season 1 card, with room to spare. Roughly half of them are sleeved with Dragon Shield Matte Clear NonGlares.

The dividers are ordered by the list here, by the official listed order of expansions in the season 1 Kickstarter. Promo box figures are ordered villains first, and in the order in which they appear in the cardboard insert.

All rulebooks (including the Sinister Six pie board) fit inside of a freezer Ziploc bag, which can be velcroed/attached/inserted into the hood of the case.

For mini storage, we will be using this solution here, with images from a community member. This brings us down to two medium-sized boxes for all of season 1.

The 36-inch Lazy Susan

A 36-inch lazy Susan will perfectly fit the official playmat and allow you to spin the entire storyline around with ease.

Hall of United used the following SKUs, alongside of 1/2 inch woodscrews (which were drilled into the wooden base), and these felt pads to prevent scratching (thanks to Forrest W for the idea!).

Metrie 1-in x 36-in x 3-ft Radius Edge Unfinished Spruce Pine Fir Board (Option 1)

Holland Bar Stool Co. OD36RChar 36″ Diameter Charcoal, Season EnduroTop Indoor/Outdoor Table Top (Option 2)

Richelieu Zinc-Plated Gray Silver Lazy Susan Swivel Plate (Option 1)

Richelieu Metal Full Circle Cabinet Lazy Susan (Option 2)

TROOPS BBQ Lazy Susan Turntable Ring – Commercial Aluminum  (Option 3)

Custom tokens

Nathan C suggested this pack of Peeples for an easy token solution for civilians and thugs!

Game base customization

For reference, the game bases are approximately 1.1811 inches (30mm) wide.

Alternate playmat

CCJ Obs Channel has created an alternate, smaller playmat.

You can check it out on their channel in the video above, or locate the A4 PDF here.


The 3DPrintedKiwii store sells Marvel United box files here.

Mini storage

Community member pvpal1221 recommends this foam Feldherr storage box for holding minis.

They even provided images of it in action!

Battlefoam has a massive, and expensive, United storage solution.

You can shop for it here.

ButlercraftCo sells this display shelf tuned toward season one of Marvel United.

A community member has recommended this great lighted shelf. The catch? It’s from K-Mart AU.


This store is selling inserts for Season 1 on their Etsy shop.

You can also find a Kickstarter content supported version here.

Modbox sells stackers for Marvel United boxes.


Tesseract Games has a shop for several games, but also opened up a Marvel United storefront in 2021!

You can find it here on their official site, or on Etsy. Hall of United recommends Tesseract dividers for every game they offer.

TabletopGamingExtras sells dividers too.

Or, you can make your own fan dividers using these images from Spiffworld on BGG.

Playmat storage

This tube from Ultra Pro has been confirmed by Hall of United to store the Marvel United player mats (image in gallery). To clarify, you will need the 36.75″ x 3.00″ at minimum to fit the playmat. Do not get the smaller tube.

BCW sells a x 36″ 2 3/4″ baseball bat tube. This tube also works (confirmed by Hall of United).

Portable bags/backpacks

These tend to run on the pricey side, but if you’re constantly going from place to place, they can do the trick. We’ve tested out the Enhance Backpack, and have found that cards stay very snug when walking around.

Another option is the Pirate Lab card case. Or the Big Metal Box from CardKingPro.

Gamegenic Dungeon

Philip van Niekerk uses the Gamegenic Dungeon 1110+ convertible box, which will run you $59.99.

As you can see in the image above there is some dead space, but it fits Marvel LCG cards nicely.

You can also opt for the Fortress or the Stronghold.

Community member Rokkon uses the Gamegenic Dungeon to store their collection, with clearbags cases (FB92 and FB93).

According to them: “The FB93 fits 40 sleeved cards comfortably, which is closer to 2 villain sets (18 * 2), vs the FB92, which fits about 25 comfortably … i.e., 2 hero sets.”

Community member Katala uses the Arkhive 400 with Tesseract Games dividers.

The Cards Against Humanity Big Box

This huge box is also an option for people who are looking for a higher quality way to store their cards.

You can find it for $14.99 on Amazon. You can also opt for this three-row box from BCW.

Dex Protection Supreme Game Chest

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dex.png

If you really want to get fancy, you can opt for the Dex Supreme Game Chest, which has two trays.

It’s $65 and you can buy it here.

Or you can opt for the cheaper $45 Game Chest.

IKEA storage

Several community members have recommended the “Moppe” box from IKEA. It’s a cheap $20 wooden box that allows for card storage. Here’s a tutorial for how to better use it for storage.

Another community member stored their Netrunner cards in this EKET two-drawer cabinet from IKEA, set on top of a desk or end table.

This KVISSLE Letter tray from IKEA was suggested to us by a community member, to hold minis


If you’re up for the price, this vendor sells Kallaz Boxes for storage.

“Fancy but functional” is a perfect description for these.

If you’re up for the price, this vendor sells Kallaz Boxes for storage.

Tesseract Games’ Infinity Box

Tesseract Games sells the Infinity Box (either self-building or pre-built options).

Plain old plano or card boxes

The perfect storage solution for anything, even Gloomhaven and Marvel United! Plano Boxes will do the trick for storing tokens and bits.

You can go even cheaper for card storage and buy cardboard boxes for a few bucks.

StoneMaier Games sells cheap plastic resource containers specifically made for tabletop games.

3D Printers

The Ender-3 V2 3D Printer is described by one user as a great entry-level, budget option. At the time of publication, this model is below $300, which is on the low-end for 3D printers.

You can find its listing here. For further help, there is a large Ender-3 Facebook community that is willing to answer questions.

Prusa has been recommended by at least one token maker in the LCG community. The Prusa I3 MK3 is described as a “no fuss” 3D printer that can handle a wide variety of products. Pre-assembled, it costs roughly $999.00. Assembling it yourself as a “kit” costs $749.00.

You can find a list of Prusa models here.

To give you an idea on time: printing tokens takes roughly 10 minutes each depending on the design, while printing something like this could take several hours.

For more information and further assistance, you can check the 3D printing Reddit.

You can find a quick 3D-printing tutorial here from Make Your Piece Games.

3D Printer Projects

You can find a missing card project here.

As well as token holders here.

These token trays are also nifty, and can be painted/customized! These are the magnets shown in the image above.

And a location frame here.

tev has shared these nifty Marvel United goal trays!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 12-1.jpg

Token Storage

There are several token storage options that range from cheap to expensive. You should probably start with good old plano boxes, which have their own section above.

You can also opt for these smaller, even cheaper small waterproof plano boxes.

Or, you can get fancy with cylinder stackable containers (pictured above).

As well as these plastic storage containers with hinged lids.

X-Trayz are relatively cheap, ranging in the $2~ range per container.

You can also opt for a Go7Gaming universal storage tray, or the same concept from Buy the Same Token.

Finally, this CaddyMax universal storage tray is an option for several games.


BGHQ sells these easy to read tokens on their Etsy shop.

TokenShieldUK offers shields for existing tokens to preserve them.

EvilMachine sells digital files for inserts and token shields so you can print them yourself.

It’s technically a token holder plus tokens: but TabletopGamingExtras sells a tiny Infinity Gauntlet (with their own stones).

They also sell a bigger version on their shop.

Make Your Piece Games has a great blog on how to craft your own professional looking tokens. They also have an Etsy shop!

The Bell of Lost Souls blog also has a fantastic “level up your tokens” guide.

Another blog for crafting glass cabochon tokens can be found here.

If you’re looking to store tokens, mini ziplock bags are a great option.

Reading material

This massive Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition covers a lot of the ground between the first two seasons of the Marvel United Kickstarter roster. Thanks for the tip, Daemon373!

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